The Recluse Sisters


Our Catholic community under the French name of Les Recluses Missionnaires was founded in 1943, in Alberta, Canada. The community offers its members a monastic way of life with perpetual adoration of the Eucharist and an accent on silence and solitude following the example of Jeanne LeBer, a recluse who lived in the early days of Montreal.


The monastery is located at the complete East end of Montreal, along the Rivière-des-Prairies, and is surrounded by a regional park. The country setting is favourable to silence and solitude for the sisters and for the guests who benefit of a few days of retreat.

The « two windows »

The « two windows » of Presence to God and Presence to the world illustrate the spirituality of the community, as well as the spirituality of the recluse women of Medieval times. Tradition tells us, in fact, that most of these women lived in a small apartment attending a Church. Through one window, the recluse had view on the tabernacle of the Church. The other window allowed the people around to confide their intentions of prayer to the recluse.

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Painting of Jeanne Le Ber

by sister Jacqueline Poirier, r.m.

Prayers of intercession and of beatification in PDF

Jeanne Le Ber, an inspiration

Thus lived Jeanne Le Ber (1662-1714), who is an inspiration for the Sisters. Jeanne, a well-balanced woman, lived in complete seclusion during thirty-four years.

Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament was her magnet.

In her cell, she embroidered masterpieces, some of which are preserved. Her way of life seems to us today more admirable than imitable. Nevertheless, the spirit which was hers, of of eucharistic adoration and intercession for her brothers and sisters, may harmonize with any state of life.

The sainthood cause for Jeanne Le Ber was officially opened in the Archdiocese of Montreal on October 28th 2015. Two articles have been published at this occasion:

The Catholic Register, November 19th 2015, by Laura Ieraci

The Lay Center, November 25th 2015

Presence to God

Day and night, the Sisters take turns for adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the chapel. The Eucharist celebrated and adored is the core of our life. Our spirituality is one of offering and thanksgiving to the Father, through Jesus, in the Holy Spirit.


Morning, midday and evening, the sisters gather to pray the Divine Office, also known as the Liturgy of the Hours. Mainly composed of Psalms, it is the great prayer of the People of God who praises Him and recognize His action in the universe.

The Word of God, meditated privately, lectio divina in the monastic tradition, is our daily bread. While ruminating the Word, we progressively learn the eminent science of Jesus Christ, as urged by saint Paul.

Contemplative life tends to grow in a climate of peace, detachment and interiority which fosters the search for God. The community offers a schedule and an environment assuring solitude within common life.

Silence makes this possible. A Father of the Desert declared one day that silence is the portable cell that never leaves a person of prayer.

Presence to the world

Prayer of adoration and prayer of intercession are inseparable. We are keenly aware of our double mission. We are missionaries mainly through prayer.

It is said of the ancient recluse women, though vowed to a strict seclusion, that they hospitalized in their heart the sorrows and joys of all men and women. The Sisters carry on this tradition.

A privileged and concrete way for monasteries to open wide their window of Presence to the world is through hospitality. By reserving rooms or hermitages for guests in the monastery, we share with seekers of God the prayerful atmosphere of the house and the beauty of the surroundings.

A stay of one or more days at the monastery is always a spiritual experience for a guest whatever the motive: contemplation, rest, study, reflection. Preserving the quietness of the monastery is essential. Therefore is it required that the guest be capable of silence, thus preserving his inward peace and that of others.


We offer hospitality to God-seeking people who wish to share the gift of prayer with us in the Liturgy and in silent adoration.

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8 single rooms, sink; one with bath, toilet

2 twin rooms, sink; one with shower, toilet

3 hermitages with kitchenette, shower, toilet (minimum 4 nights)

2 meeting rooms, max. 40 persons

Chapel and one meeting room air conditioned. No credit card accepted. We cannot accommodate special diets.


Chapel, library, hiking trails, biking and skiing.

Location: by automobile

Autoroute 40 Metropolitaine. From WEST, exit 92, turn left on Gouin, drive 1 km. From EAST, exit 85, Blvd. St-Jean-Baptiste North for 2km, turn right on Gouin, drive 2 km.

Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. coming from West, take exit 83 instead of 92, Blvd St-Jean-Baptiste North for 2km, turn right on Gouin, drive 2km.

Monastery Our Lady of the Annunciation

The Recluse Sisters

12050 Blvd. Gouin East, Montreal Qc  H1C 1B8

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